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ISLAMABAD -- The fashion for hiring of Horse carriages during the wedding ceremonies in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi is has been the rise for last few years.
Meanwhile, Mould will travel to Lezirias in Portugal for the World Single Horse Carriage Driving Championships at the end of the summer.
Now we'll both be able to go out on trips in the horse carriage as planned as soon as the weather improves.
On Thursday night, horse carriages and wooden pedicabs became the main method of transportation for many people to get home.
A palace spokeswoman said he left because of a horse carriage driving engagement, one of his favourite past times.
We started with a horse carriage ride, then toured the nationally recognized Museum of the American Quilter's Society before poking into the antique shops along the brick sidewalks.
Horse Carriage Rides: Daily from May to October, around scenic Lake Trubsee at an altitude of over 1,800m.
Many of the trainers had their own horse carriage, and each one had a compartment for a groom.
Noted Barnes: "I compete more with the horse carriage ride around the mall than I do with the other taxis.
GEORGE NEILSON Clyde Football and Clyde have been my lifeline George Neilson remembers the days he used to travel to watch his beloved Clyde - by horse carriage.
In addition, the palace also confirmed that Prince Harry and Markle will ride in a horse carriage through the streets of Windsor after they exchange "I do's," (http://people.