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I'm wondering if it's possible to build my own horse drawn cart for hauling manure, dirt, compost, etc.
College Green was covered with artificial snow for the scene filmed yesterday, in which mourners in Victorian costume marched in front of a horse drawn cart carrying a coffin.
I remember having to fetch her some veg and especially big headed young onions from Griffin's the fruiters - and woe betide me if I was lazy and got them from the horse drawn cart on the corner.
A Victorian themed day is to be held on Saturday including circus performers, classical music, brass band folk dancing and singing, Victorian dress, craft demonstrations, horse drawn cart rides.
A MAN who went on a pub crawl with friends in a horse drawn cart has been landed with a pounds 2,500 bill for animal cruelty.
Our first guess was the 1930s judging by the style of the cars parked on the left and the horse drawn cart on the right.
I grew up in the York Road area of Middlesbrough and remember 'helping' the milkman on his horse drawn cart to deliver the milk until he paid us with a bottle of orange juice just to go away.