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Elsevier considered various criteria when selecting the Top 10 Hot Space Projects to Watch, including the strength of the science behind the company s product(s), the market size for the company s product(s), and the unmet need for the company s product(s).
The first installment, comprised of the first five LPs (QUEEN, QUEEN II, SHEER HEART ATTACK, A NIGHT AT THE OPERA, A DAY AT THE RACES) was released May 17, the second installment (NEWS OF THE WORLD, JAZZ, THE GAME, FLASH GORDON, HOT SPACE ) was released on September 13 and the final deluxe box set installment (THE WORKS, A KIND OF MAGIC, THE MIRACLE, INNUENDO, MADE IN HEAVEN) is available on amazon.
So in spite of the fact that this industry leader, operating in the very hot space of flat-panel televisions, reported a stellar quarter, it is still carrying an insanely low PEG multiple of .
SolFocus is in a very hot space, with products that are not only in demand but that are technically superior in numerous ways," said Scott Sandell.
The Energy Shot market is a hot space right now with few healthy and safe options.
a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of therapeutics for wound care, tissue repair, and inflammation, today announced that its wound healing gel, NEXAGON, has been named one of Windhover Therapeutic Area Partnership's "Top HOT SPACE Projects to Watch.
Online CRM is a hot space to be in," said Ian Hendry, director at Entelegen.
We're excited to be part of the number one online textbook rental company in such a hot space," said Filip Kaliszan, Co-Founder and CEO of CourseRank.
According to Tobak, "InLight Communications has amassed the technology, know-how and engineering team to develop and deliver differentiated next-generation products in a very hot space.
We're excited to be holding the GSA schedule for NewsGator, a rapidly growing company in the white hot space of Gov 2.