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4 Remove the mosaic of rabbit and foie gras from the terrine, carefully remove the clingfilm and slice with a hot knife.
A NUN of 70 from Mother Teresa's order has been fined for burning a little girl with a hot knife.
They had blade-like and serrated teeth that could go through your flesh like a hot knife through butter.
This will go through the greasy mess that is the House of Commons like the proverbial hot knife.
Not bad for a defence universally accepted as about as resilient as butter to a hot knife.
Worcester ran through them like a hot knife in butter, and when two more tries followed for a 29-0 scoreline with three-quarters of the game still to go, Cov were facing humiliation.
As I write this, what happens in the immediate future is a given ( the Bill will go through the Commons like the proverbial hot knife and will go to the Lords.
The chassis is supremely agile, scything its way through big city traffic like a hot knife cuts through butter.
Anybody who can put five or six wins together as Reading have could also push themselves right into contention and go through this league like a hot knife through butter.
One of their top-selling range is the Speedfight - a nippy little number that slices through traffic jams like a hot knife through butter.
Prof Joan Freeman, who set the IQ test, said: "She swept right through it like a hot knife through butter.
The 16-year-old victim was branded with a hot knife, stabbed, punched repeatedly and had his hands savagely beaten with a broom handle.