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HOYMAN. The master or captain of a hoy.
     2. Hoymen are liable as common carriers. Story, Bailm. Sec. 496.

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Police called the exercise a success, and court employees such as Hoyman said it was a valuable experience for workers, too.
The economics of bidding wars for other industrial sitings have shown that the community raises its own price of admission when it overtly competes with another siting (Thomas, 1997; Hoyman, 1999; and Milward and Newman, 1988).
This evidence indicates that the informal sector is particularly attractive to women, but probably not because of systemic sexism in official markets, as Professor Hoyman would argue.
Panelists include Ned Buffington of Hoyman, Dobson & Company, P.
With the BookingBuddy Deals Network, my deals only show up in places that are truly relevant to travelers, and I can reach a large audience on tier-one sites with campaigns I can control," said Pat Hoyman, President of JD's Watersports in Costa Rica.
He is survived by his life partner of 46 years, Robert "Mike" Hoyman.
Photo: (1--Color only in Conejo edition) Bob Hoyman chooses a spider crab to make his seafood chili snappy.
Hoyman and William Hoyman, both of Eugene; and three grandchildren.
The Digital Government Award reflects the outstanding value that the My UW-Madison portal has brought to the experience of our student body as well as the benefits it provides to our faculty, staff and the university as a whole," said Dirk Herr Hoyman, Project Manager, University of Wisconsin Department of Information Technology.
Survivors include his wife; a son, Richard of Eagle Point; three daughters, Shirley Hoyman of Eugene, Sheila Benson of Anderson, Calif.