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18u Flash technology and is a drop-in replacement for the Intel 82802 Firmware Hub device.
Per-port protocol analysis is available immediately on all ODS Infinity hubs and will be offered as a free upgrade to customers with installed Infinity SNMP modules.
0 high speed hub intellectual property (IP) into third-party system chips.
The Infinity Hub was designed to optimally support integration of the finest third party internetworking components, like Newbridge ATM technology, so that ODS customers may continually upgrade their networks without replacement of the installed base of hubs.
Pauls joined Hub International as CFO in 1999 after serving as CFO of one of the company's founding brokerages.
HUB will acquire the assets of Fortun Insurance (retail), ABCO Insurance (wholesale) and American Inspection Company, as well as the stock of ABCO Premium Finance (premium financing).
is a cargo airline with a fleet of 112 in-service aircraft that operates out of Wilmington, Ohio, and 18 hubs throughout the United States.
Hub named PLI leaders Jim Kane and Kathleen Zortman to the positions of president and chief operating officer, respectively, for Hub International Personal Insurance in the United States.
The initial term of the Hub Services Agreement was extended for one year such that it will not be subject to annual renewals until August 15, 2007.
Hub International Limited (NYSE:HBG)(TSX:HBG) announced today that it has entered the reinsurance brokerage market through the acquisition of THB Intermediaries, Inc.
TILCO has been a major client of Toronto-based Hub Financial since Tilly Enriquez founded TILCO in 1993, and essentially all TILCO business is placed through Hub Financial on a wholesale basis.