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The cooling air reduces the temperature of the seat surface, thus allowing for conduction heat transfer from human back and pelvis to the seat.
Becoming Virginia Woolf is clear and well-written, rewarding the reader with frequent and surprising turns of phrase (the Stephen tendency to use animal, fish, and fowl nicknames, for example, is described as "thrust[ing] the human back into nature" [8]) and thought-provoking description:
One authority noted that "on the basis of his extensive experience, Stockton-Hough reported skin from the human back to be coarse-grained, but he also said that skin from a woman's thigh could be almost indistinguishable from pigskin.
We suppose that we cool the human back, which surface we can approximate as plane.
The Texas-based Burnett Foundation sold "Nu de dos (1er etat)," the first of a series of four iconic, monumental bronzes of a human back, along with the other three works in the series, in a single private transaction.