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The recently published collection of essays generated by this meeting, Writing the Other: Humanism versus Barbarism in Tudor England, edited by Zsolt Almasi and Mike Pincombe, acts as a testament to what was evidently a lively and thoughtful event, neatly situated, as the volume points out, in what was considered in the English Tudor era to be the "frontier between Christians and the others, the human, humane and the barbarian" (1).
Spain: Dr Jacqueline Hurtley, Departament de Filologia Anglesa i Alemanya, Divisio 1, Ciencies Humanes i Socials, Universitat de Barcelona, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 585, 08007 Barcelona, Spain.
Humanes Biomonitoring auf Polychlorierte Biphenyle bei 130 in einer Grundschule exponierten Personen [Human biomonitoring of polychlorinated biphenyls in 130 exposed elementary school children].