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He was one of the great humanitarian French freethinkers; and the only thing wrong with them is that they make mercy even colder than justice.
The ex- prisoner could moon about the shady lanes for days together in a delicious and humanitarian idleness.
The civilized man, the enthusiast of advanced humanitarian ideals thirsting for the triumph of spiritual love and political liberty; and the stealthy, primeval savage, pitilessly cunning in the preservation of his freedom from day to day, like a tracked wild beast.
The wild beast was making its way instinctively eastward to the Pacific coast, and the civilised humanitarian in fearful anxious dependence watched the proceedings with awe.
The effectiveness of the humanitarian actions depends largely on the human, logistics and financial means, he said, commending the one-stop office results which allows direct and permanent contact between local authorities, humanitarians organisations and development players.
Many NGOs, such as CARE, respond that in such dangerous situations, the military actors should devote their efforts to creating secure conditions for the humanitarians to work.
Yet humanitarians were not consulted as the Security Council proceeded from economic to military action.
The World Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is open weekdays to visitors and humanitarians of all ages.
DEAD SEA, JORDAN, March 3 (KUNA) -- Kuwait took part Tuesday in a regional consultation meeting for the World Humanitarians Summit ahead of the organization's grand gathering in Istanbul in 2016.
DEAD SEA, Jordan, March 3 (KUNA) -- Kuwait's humanitarian role was among key topics in regional consultations of humanitarian organizations in Jordan, ahead of the upcoming World Humanitarians Summit in Istanbul next May, Red Crescent Society's (KRSC) Deputy Chairman said.
Today marks the day in 2003 when 22 humanitarians lost their lives in the bombing of the UN Headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq , Christos Stylianides, EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management , noted in a statement.
The Sudan CHF helps humanitarians reach the most vulnerable people across Sudan.

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