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Was he aware of the narratives celebrating the successful humbuggery perpetrated by showmen exhibiting bleached elephants?
He considered "Reason and Logic" as "antidotes to ignorance, superstition, and humbuggery .
Yet while 'tis the season to be off one's trolley, the greatest secular threat to Christmas comes from the creeping nonsense of politically correct bah humbuggery.
Humbuggery and Manipulation: The Art of Leadership.
Welty correctly identifies this as pretentious and prejudiced humbuggery whose main rhetorical device is question begging.
What in the fershlugginer humbuggery is going on here?
Boston critic John Sullivan Dwight and others denounced such humbuggery, while praising de Meyer's pianism, if not his repertoire, which tended toward flashy bravura pieces, including fantasies on popular and operatic tunes of the day--music sure to please crowds, but less satisfying to the cognoscenti.