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When Lee Janzen won the US Open at Baltusrol in 1993, he shot an eight-under 272 and remember, that was set up to Open specifications, far tougher than will be in force this week when one of the aims of the powers-that-be is to see that the 25 club professionals taking part are not humilated.
Lisa was devastated and humilated after finding out in a phone call from the friend that had betrayed her.
It was only thanks to Peter Schmeichel that we did not get humilated - just a hammering.
CAERPHILLY boss Gordon Pritchard pulled no punches after his side were humilated by Gloucester in the Parker Pen European Shield.
After he's humilated in front of his classmates he joins forces with reclusive maintenance man Mr Han (Jackie Chan) to take part in an open karate tournament in which Dre will face-off against his bullies.
Humilated at Lord's, there isn't an adjective in the English language which will cover what could happen to them at the Riverside.
GEORGE Burley lashed out at his players after they were humilated by rampaging Liverpool.
He was boss of Faroese minnows FS Vagar when they were humilated by B36 Torshavn back in 2001.
PETER REID is to be SACKED as Leeds manager this week - after his team were humilated in their worst-ever Premiership result.
The Oscar-winning star has been hailed as the sexiest Bond babe ever and could take her pick of adoring fellas - yet she has been humilated, betrayed and even BEATEN in her search for lasting love.
GEORGE Burley challenged his Premiership surprise guys to 'reach for the sky' after they humilated George Graham's Spurs chumps.
At the beginning of the week he flounced off the show claiming he felt humilated by fellow judges Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne.