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He was boss of Faroese minnows FS Vagar when they were humilated by B36 Torshavn back in 2001.
The Oscar-winning star has been hailed as the sexiest Bond babe ever and could take her pick of adoring fellas - yet she has been humilated, betrayed and even BEATEN in her search for lasting love.
GEORGE Burley challenged his Premiership surprise guys to 'reach for the sky' after they humilated George Graham's Spurs chumps.
ANOTHER jealous lover who wanted kinky sex humilated her in a crowded nightclub.
She was left humilated after it was revealed Manchester United star Wayne, 24, confessed to visiting brothels behind her back before they were married.
At the beginning of the week he flounced off the show claiming he felt humilated by fellow judges Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne.
I don't suppose it's occurred to this selfish article that the person who really has been hit by a ton of bricks is the lovely Anna, who has not only been dumped by the man she loved but publicly humilated by him as well.
TONY Blair was humilated by a Commons rebellion last night over plans to bomb Iraq.
RACIST Jean-Marie Le Pen was humilated last night after voters rejected his party in France's general election.
An Executive source said: "We are absolutely committed to ending the appalling practice of rape victims being humilated in the dock, sometimes for days, by the person who attacked them.