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John Eden said people with Huntington's disease and their families live at the sharp end of the day-to-day challenges of a severe, progressive condition.
Chinese patients with Huntington's disease initially presenting with spinocerebellar ataxia.
Coverage of the Huntington's Disease pipeline on the basis of route of administration and molecule type.
As the role of the hypothalamus in Huntington's disease is gradually mapped, knowledge might be gained from drug research for other psychiatric diseases.
According to Thompson et a1, (3) the presence and severity of apathy, irritability, and depression trend differently across the course of Huntington's disease (HD).
The current research evaluated 20 Huntington's disease patients and 8 controls that had been given CoQ 10 in a clinical trial.
A global team of Huntington's disease (HD) experts has generated a human model of the deadly inherited disorder directly from the skin cells of affected patients.
BCLI) announced publication of an article indicating that preclinical studies using cells that underwent treatment with Brainstorm's NurOwn technology show promise in an animal model of Huntington's disease.
Alan Diamond has been approved to conduct clinical research on Huntington's disease, Washington Regional Medical Center in Fayetteville announced late last month.
My daughter-in-law has Huntington's disease (HD), and tests detect that one of her children has it also.

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