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In the case of the woman with Huntington's chorea, her sister would have a 50 percent chance of having inherited the gene and a 50 percent chance that if she has it she will pass it on to a child.
Genetic register for Huntington's chorea in South Wales.
Another shrink reports a case where a Minnesota case manager was unwilling to agree to pay for extra hospital days for a 23-year-old woman who was suicidal, had lost her therapist, and was diagnosed with Huntington's chorea (a deadly neurological affliction that kills all its victims, like Lou Gehrig's disease).
Q: The fact that your father and grandmother died of Huntington's chorea, a fatal genetic disease-did that push you to do AIDS work?
Guthrie's career was cut short by Huntington's chorea, a hereditary degenerative disease, which caused him to die a slow, lingering death.
Among singers and song writers he associated with were Huddie Ledbetter and Pete Seeger, and, as he lived out his last years in a hospital, dying of Huntington's Chorea, and younger singers who began to pick up and extend his voice and manner, including Jack Elliott and <IR> BOB DYLAN </IR> .
S's situation could have benefited greatly from contact with the Huntington's Chorea Society.
Scientists have recently discovered genetic clues or markers for mental disorders such as Alzheimer's disease and manicdepression, as well as physical ailments, like cystic fibrosis and Huntington's chorea.
Diseases such as Huntington's Chorea, Parkinson's Disease, and spinal cord injuries are just some examples of potential clinical applications where stem cells can offer potential benefits in halting or even reversing medical conditions that previously had no positive outcome potential - and induced pluripotent stem cells represent a preferred cell type for this type of disease reversal research.
As we roll into 1964, the nurses are faced with leprosy, stroke, Huntington's chorea, cataracts and unmarried mothers.
The origin of Huntington's chorea in the Afrikaner population of South Africa.
The former Roath clinic district nurse also admitted visiting the pensioner, aged in her 80s, who was named only as Mrs A, during her lunch hours in her University Trust uniform - feeling sorry that she was seeing a second male relative die of Huntington's Chorea and taking her daughter, then aged five, on social visits.

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