Husband passed away, collection notice

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Country: United States of America
State: New Jersey

My husband passed away 8 years ago-11/97. At that time we had 2 leased cars in his name. Insurance said I had to have cars in my name to renew my insurance policy-I had major problems changing the cars-they wanted huge fees and I now had two cars and only one driver. I told them to come and get one of the cars. Today I received a collection notice for 850-900 dollars for that car. Can they do this? Can they put a lien on my home? There is nothing left in my husbands name. Everything I own is in my name or joint with my parents or children.


See debts and judgments: --they may be too late to collect. Notwithstanding what they say, these kinds of creditors often will not really sue so you could just wait to see what if any action they take...and you could argue they misled you, the product or service was not what you expected, etc. You could also threaten bankruptcy if they actually do try to sue... See also