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An intrepid cross-party group of Members of Parliament is about to embark on a challenge of a lifetime by husky dog sled.
Mrs Evelyn Spink, aged 87, is the proud owner of a mitten made from the fur of one of the husky dogs on the 1912 expedition.
The party rode sleighs pulled by reindeer and met husky dogs in a new Finnish underground complex called Santaland.
But now the 63-year-old will be taking on the challenge to trek 150km in freezing temperatures with a team of husky dogs.
TOP Gear star Richard Hammond is going to the dogs - Husky dogs.
HUSKY dogs proved a popular sight in a Northumberland winter wonderland.
She adopted Isaiah, who had been rescued from his previous situation by Angels of the Snow, a nonprofit organization based in Eastham that finds loving homes for Siberian husky dogs that are stray, abandoned, abused, or otherwise homeless.
After saying goodbye to her husky dogs tonight, Ms Willott will return to South Wales having raised thousands of pounds for Crimestoppers, The Children's Society and Cancer Research UK and Ty Hafan.
She and other trekkers will spend several days learning how to handle their husky dogs and sleds before setting off on a week-long expedition.
The adventures really begin the next day with guests using a combination of motorised snow scooters, reindeer and husky dogs to comb the fells for the elusive Santa.
ENJOY the speed thrill being pulled on a sledge around a frozen lake in Geilo by a team of husky dogs.
TWO deer were mauled to death by a pair of husky dogs near a historic landmark.