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HUSTINGS, Engl. law. The name of a court held before the lord mayor and aldermen of London; it is the principal and supreme court of the city., See 2 Inst. 327; St. Armand, Hist. Essay on the Legisl. Power of England, 75.

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It is the first in a series of hustings planned for the town - though dates for future meetings have not been confirmed.
Separate to the constituency hustings, former Labour MP Hazel Blears, Lib Dem peer Baroness Walmsley, Merseyside Police Commissioner Jane Kennedy and Conservative candidate for Walton Norsheen Bhatti will be among those attending a Women's Question Time at Blackburne House, from 5pm.
We hope this is not the case but the only way we and the West Midlands Electorate will be convinced otherwise is if they do have the courage to participate in the hustings.
The AM for Brecon said ahead of hustings in Aberystwyth yesterday: "There's a new generation of voters in Wales who have grown up during devolution.
By organising local hustings events, we can challenge those who want to represent us in Parliament to go beyond the usual political shorttermism and engage in a positive debate about the kind of society they - and we - want to live in by the year 2020.
The Western Mail has established that the decision to hold the hustings in North Wales on Monday was taken before Mr Davies organised the business trips.
The hustings, organised by Neighbourhood Consultancy Ltd and Cherry Orchard Neighbourhood Forum, will be at St Augustine's School, Avenue Road, Handsworth, from 7pm on Thursday, April 22.
The acting leader of the Liberal Democrats is to visit Birmingham today before a hustings event in Coventry.
Aisling Sykes, 39, said Mary Hustings, who had been a guest at her wedding, did not even bother to ask how she or the baby were.
With less than four weeks until the General Election candidates were due to visit the college for a unique hustings event, discussing each of their party's policies and subsequent impact on young people.
Sally Watson, leader of Newcycling's Jesmond branch, said the hustings would benefit all road users - not just cyclists.
A special hustings will be held to give members of churches from across the city a chance to grill the candidates on a range of issues, although it is not yet known if all contenders will be present.