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VIA. A cart-way, which also includes a foot-way and a horse-way. Vide Way.

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The Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium successfully defined an industry standard HMC interface in April 2013 and continues to work to build the ecosystem to enable its widespread adoption.
The Altera and Micron Technology design teams were jointly recognized for their work in achieving interoperability between Altera's Stratix V FPGAs with Micron's Hybrid Memory Cube.
It is worth noting that Micron's Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC), aimed at innovation in memory technologies, is primarily for supercomputer systems.
Micron Technology) announced the shipping of the first engineering samples of its 2GB Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC).
Industry's First FPGA and Hybrid Memory Cube Demonstration Sets the Path for Altera's Generation 10 FPGA and SoC Breakthrough Performance