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USPS has shown great interest and leadership in hybrid drive technology development and, as the largest vehicle fleet operator in the country, we are excited to be working with them to demonstrate the fuel savings and clean emissions associated with our drive systems.
Enova's series hybrid drive technology is now powering ten FAW transit buses carrying visitors in Beijing during the 2008 Olympic games.
Wylam continued to oversee GM and Delco Remy's hybrid drive activity until 1997 when he joined Remy International.
But ABI Research cautions that the results are very specific to duty cycle, and there have been instances where hybrid drive technology has proved to be less appropriate than conventional diesel engine power.
The Electrocity incorporates Enova's 120kW Series Hybrid drive system which is powered by Enova's 60kW Genset.
The ISE hybrid drive system is expected to offer several benefits, including improved fuel economy, reduced harmful emissions, greater operating range and reduced noise.
Pimentel and Gover will focus on several areas of a hybrid drive train.
Development of the truck was carried out in close cooperation with the US Air Force, which earlier also was involved in producing a prototype of a tanker truck with hybrid drive.
Compact cars with plug-in hybrid drive (KBA classification) entsprech.
While all models of the OWC Upgrade Kit for Xbox One provide increased storage capacity for games, movies, and more, the 1TB SSHD Hybrid drive model actually delivers faster transfer speeds than the Xbox internal drive, reducing load times by up to 39% so you spend more time playing and less time waiting.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-January 5, 2015-WD announces demonstration of world's fastest 4 TB hybrid drive at Storage Visions 2015 in Las Vegas
5-inch internal Solid State Hybrid Drive, offering an easy upgrade for notebook owners looking to speed up their PC.