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It is "essentially a HyperCard stack that was very simple, and now it's becoming more complex," said Cosimini.
Increasing numbers of librarians did not see the Macintosh as just a word processor to replace the typewriter, or as a guide to the library collection with a HyperCard stack.
Huber's students create HyperCard stacks with cards that include these buttons.
She recently created a HyperCard stack from a Time magazine article on the rain forest ("Inside the World's Last Eden," July 13, 1992).
In this way, what appear to be one-way links, such as HyperCard buttons, can be modeled as two-way links with the button end having a DIRECTION with value NONE and the other end having a DIRECTION with value TO.
The accompanying HyperCard stacks are good examples of how information can be transformed and arranged in a new way.
Again these building blocks were created from collections of buttons and fields--standard HyperCard objects.
HyperCard was chosen initially because it was already available in the Library and no additional funds were needed to purchase the software for the project.
Over this next year it is hoped that project faculty will explore and potentially develop a computer application for one of their courses (such as a hypercard stack or a multimedia program), using the FITC staff and their student assistants as technological advisors.
Although HyperCard is a complex authoring language, its basic commands are easy to learn.
Four instructors each taught two sections of LIS 101; one section using the HyperCard text and the other using the paper text.
HyperCard on a Macintosh SE was used to create a program (known as a stack) to inform users about computerized systems and services available to them in a large, academic library.