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The Wanderers boss insists the criticism levelled at his team is steeped in hypocricy and jealousy - and that he merely mirrors the methods of Jose Mourinho, Rafa Benitez and Arsene Wenger.
Holding no hypocricy sacred, chapters such as "O' Foreskin, Where Art Thou?
Rot on the Vine: The Many Dark Faces of Religion is a collection of writings--some fictionalized "what-if" essays but mostly matter-of-fact expositions--that explore the side of religion that is perverted to serve human greed, hatred, hypocricy, and intolerance.
She wrote, "whatever faults, failures, or besetting sins this man may have had, I stoutly maintain hypocricy [sic] was not among them.
ONCE again the United States has shown its hypocricy by refusing to condemn the recent Jewish violence in Palestine.