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To pledge property as security or collateral for a debt. Generally, there is no physical transfer of the pledged property to the lender, nor is the lender given title to the property, though he or she has the right to sell the pledged property in the case of default.


v. from Greek for "pledge," a generic term for using property to secure payment of a loan, which includes mortgages, pledges, and putting up collateral, but the borrower retains possession.

(See: secured transaction)

See: bond, deposit, guarantee, pawn, pledge, promise, vow
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Rather than sacking people have they thought of four-day weeks, rather than cutting libraries why not raise council tax and hypothecate that rise, have they ever read Keynes?
ADZs hypothecate the uplift in value and tax revenue over 30 years If you regenerate an area.
If there is to be a windfall tax, the Government should hypothecate the money into a bigger fuel allowance for the elderly, extended beyond the winter.