Hypothetical Question

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Hypothetical Question

A mixture of assumed or established facts and circumstances, developed in the form of a coherent and specific situation, which is presented to an expert witness at a trial to elicit his or her opinion.

When a hypothetical question is posed, it includes all the facts in evidence needed to form an opinion and, based on the assumption that the facts are true, the witness is asked whether he or she can arrive at an opinion, and if so, to state it.

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It's a hypothetical question and I'm not going to answer that," said the RFU's elite rugby director.
During a session open to international media on what if there is a "succession crisis" in DPRK, in Davos, leading experts from China, South Korea and Japan agreed that the hypothetical question raised by some people from the international community is "inconceivable.
Pressed to say whether he would 'walk' if asked to resign by the Conservative Party's men in grey suits, he fell back on the old safeguard of refusing to answer a hypothetical question.
Asked if there is any way back for McAllister if he should have a change of mind, Brown said: "That is a hypothetical question and I do not think that situation will arise.
It's a hypothetical question as to whether Ryan O'Dwyer would be in the tipp panel if he was still living in the county.
At the moment that's a hypothetical question," he said.
It took a month to reply and I was then told that as I had not carried out the transaction it was a hypothetical question and a ruling would not be given.
American investors were asked the hypothetical question -- "if presented with $1,000 to invest with the condition that all the money had to be invested in one industry, which industry would you select?
but might I add I'm throwing loads of cash into this hypothetical question.
If you're asking a hypothetical question, I would be happy with 80 per cent teacher-led.
I can't answer a hypothetical question I don't think is ever going to apply.
It is a hypothetical question because the minister has not told us or the government has not announced that the grants have gone.

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