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The software, through its song recognition features, displays song title and artist information, and a unique ID3 tag editor lets users add, edit, and delete ID tags at their convenience.
The new D-Chord800 offers customers powerful playback performance, supporting MP3, WMA and WAV formats as well as EQ modes, ID3 tag display, synchronous lyrics and Microsoft's Digital Rights Management (DRM) system, opening the door to legal online music downloads.
The ID3 tag will display text information pertaining to MP3 tracks, and there is a search menu for tracks and playlists as well.
Another industry first in Easy Media Creator 8 is MusicID, which acoustically fingerprints unknown music files to automatically fix or add the correct ID3 tag information such as title, artist, and genre.
Consumers have the freedom to personally manage their vast library of mp3 tunes with the included MusicMatch management software, using ID3 tag song data to display artist, album, song title and genre.