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Bob van der Zwaan, co-director of the IEW, said: "The IEW has been an effective network of researchers across the world in the field of energy and climate analysis for well over three decades.
We are extremely happy this year's event is hosted by IRENA in Abu Dhabi, because it will allow IEW to extend its community to include scientists, policy makers and industrial representatives from countries in the pivotal regions of the Gulf and the Middle East.
The IEW repair section obtained certification to repair Dell computers and became the "go to" unit when computers and printers malfunctioned.
The IEW repair section worked hand in hand with these personnel and were quite capable of augmenting this effort.
As part of the US Army's IEW Master Plan, existing EW assets are now being replaced by more versatile sensors and platforms as part of the IEW Common Sensor (IEWCS) program.
A recent demonstration of the TACJAM-A ESM subsystem represents a major milestone in the fielding of this new IEW capability.
Working with the AIMP task force, the PEOIEW conducted a comprehensive appraisal of requirements, strategies for the acquisition of IEW systems for the next 15 years and the prospects for ever faster turnover in electronic technology.
IEWS received an earlier award under the same production contract in May 2001 for $59 million.
IEWS is a producer of defense electronic protection systems and tactical surveillance and intelligence systems.
of Raymond James & Associates rev iews the performance of the lodging industry, and examines recent changes that h ave impacted companies in that sector.
A spokesperson for Northrop Grumman's Rolling Meadows operation told JED that the IEWS is a derivative of the Tactical Radar Electronic Combat System, originally developed for use aboard unmanned aerial vehicles (see "EW and UAVs: Payloads That Pay Off," JED, July 1996, p.
IEWS has a solid grasp at Level 3 and is well positioned to achieve higher maturity levels.