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B) where who + IMPERF buy fish which be-fresh these `(Come now,) who will buy my fresh fish?
N) work) (and do + NEG2PL it AOR3SG + IMPERF thing) `(You are ruining what I managed to do) (and you're paying no attention to it).
Grammatical abbreviations ALL allative suffix ANTER anterior suffix -ee AOR aorist conjugation BENEF benefactive verb suffix -al CONJ conjunctive verb affix -a CONN connective suffix (singular -u/plural -i) di/d imperfective predicative nexus marker COMPEMPH complement-emphatic focusing conjugation SUBJEMPH subject-emphatic focusing conjugation VBEMPH verb-emphatic focusing conjugation FACT factitive verb suffix -al FOC lexical-subject-focusing suffix -a FUT future conjugation formed with di + perfect inflection IMPER imperative conjugation IMPERF imperfective suffix -y ITER iterative verb suffix -aat NEG negative conjugation or negative suffix -ul OPR object pronoun PARTIC exclamatory particle PAST past suffix - (w) oon PFT perfect conjugation PRED imperfective predicative auxiliary (cf.