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The new IRG-3401 IP Gateway card resolves those issues, and more.
By making their IP option an integral part of the AltiServ system, users not only get a cost-effective IP gateway, they also benefit from having their IP capabilities tightly integrated with other features and functions of AltiServ.
3M's entry into the IP gateway market comes at a time when numerous multiple service providers, cable TV operators and telephone companies are testing high speed Internet and video services thereby strengthening the demand for video gateway products.
Scientific-Atlanta has pioneered the IP Gateway software product to help broadband operators increase the value of their current digital investment," said Michael P.
Lucent's PacketStar IP Gateway 1000 specifications have the potential to compete very successfully in the market for network service providers," said Dror Nahumi, MiBridge president.
Located at the ISP access point, or a subsidiary site, the ComBox NetStream IP Gateway functions as a flexible and powerful wide area network capacity controller and manages multiple simultaneous IP and multicast communications sessions between the organization LAN users and the remotely located content servers over satellite.
In addition to providing both wired and wireless IP connectivity, the gateway allows direct connectivity to the Open Solutions Canada network for both individually connected POS devices and for IP Gateways.
The Carrier IP Gateway system is a scalable, open standards-based IP platform that enables telecom service providers to seamlessly route traffic over traditional circuit-switched and packet-switched networks.
The DSS Switch provides access to the Carrier IP Gateway solution.
showcasing its Carrier IP Gateway and its DSS Switch in Booth # 728 at
The Apple IP Gateway works in conjunction with MacTCP, available on Apple's System 7.
an innovator in VoIP switching and intelligent gateway solutions, today announced that TMC Communications, a trendsetter in new communications services, has deployed Carrius' Compleat-200 Intelligent IP Gateway to enable its new ClearPro(TM) Internet-enabled converged voice and data service.