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Resellers can obtain Authorized Reseller status by putting sales representatives through an eSoft training course, by allowing eSoft to initiate cooperative marketing efforts on the reseller's behalf, and by purchasing an IPAD demonstration unit at discount for use by sales reps and engineers.
WAN Technologies is very excited about the ability to provide the full line of IPAD products to our customers," said Damian Gerard, director of Internet Business Solutions for WAN.
It will be a shock if Apple isn't taking the wraps off new iPads on Tuesday because it has been nearly a year since the previous generation came out.
Apple says that, like the other iPads in the lineup, it still offers ten hours of battery life; the company boasts that the iPad mini uses the largest and thinnest battery Apple's ever made.
The major sales competitor to Apple's iPad is widely considered the Amazon Kindle Fire in the US, which boasts much lower specs than iPads and Eee Pads.
iPads will also get a boost from the upcoming iOS 11 update, which is expected to roll out this fall alongside Apple's new iPhone lineup.