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Although ISDN has been around for about a decade, until recently only the communications cognoscenti knew about it because, for reasons best known by the phone companies, ISDN was never actively promoted.
National ISDN is a set of implementation standards established by Bellcore.
Six months later, South Central Bell customers throughout the state of Tennessee were offered ISDN Individual Line Service and now ISDN availability is being expanded region wide.
Michael Zwebner, Talk Visual's Chairman, said today "this excellent accord with BellSouth's business division rounds out our comprehensive ISDN offering.
With this initiative, we're covering the complete spectrum of knowledge and skills necessary to sell end-to-end ISDN solutions that harness the full power of the public switched network, and are compatible with varied computer environments," Shelton said.
The DIVA ISDN USB provides full plug and surf functionality to the home or business user seeking a low cost solution for Internet, e-mail or data transfer," said Thomas Sandberg, Deutsche Telekom's Multimedia Marketing Manager.
TRIP includes the Showcase, an exhibition of ISDN products and services in Reston as well as more than 70 other "open house" exhibition locations across the United States.
Recognizing that FrameSaver ISDN Dial Backup systems are a critical element in ensuring optimization of Wide Area Network availability, the FrameSaver SLV system was recently deployed to National Distributing by a Paradyne reseller, Advantage Technologies, who recognized that this customer's needs mapped perfectly with the Paradyne solution.
Since both of the sites are within ISDN service areas, we used the IMAC's ability to provide high- speed access at minimal cost.
Drummond made his comments during an ISDN customer announcement and demonstration at INFORUM, Atlanta's technology mart.
The easy-to-use ISDN pricing tool will enhance the customer experience when using the ARESCOM web site," said Kevin Dunetz, Vice President of Telco Express.