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Technological advances will not only make the procedures safer but also smarter and more efficient for both IV therapy and enteral nutrition devices.
Approximately 20% of the linezolid patients could begin with oral therapy, whereas all of the vancomycin patients had IV therapy, Dr.
It now calls for the POWERWAND to be used for most patients requiring IV therapy for more than three days, unless there is a clear indication for a central venous line.
The rising incidence of various diseases has fuelled the need for IV therapy and enteral nutrition devices," notes Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Harini Subramani.
There was also a highly favorable rate of IV therapy completion -- 88.
We are committed to combating these issues by providing a robust portfolio of safety-engineered IV therapy devices that offer patient protection against infection and optimum safety for clinicians in the workplace," added Sutton.
An ongoing challenge for traditional forms of administration, including the IV therapy market, is the availability of alternative drug delivery devices and the emphasis on safety and reduction of trauma.
The establishment of special units for subacute care including ventilator and IV therapy is exposing nursing staff to technology not previously seen in nursing homes.
PCITransAid can solve your medication dispensing needs using any of its storage and packaging systems, including PharmaCards[TM] and a comprehensive line of medication, treatment and IV therapy carts.
IV Therapy Supplies Will Help Deliver Essential Medications and Fluids
Safety Engineered IV Therapy Portfolio to be showcased at INS
An aggressive IV therapy program could have potentially impacted 56% of the transfers.