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There is a paucity of information in the existing literature on the alimentary tract duplications initially presenting with icterus and elevated liver enzymes.
As part of the formative research for a large epidemiologic study of hepatitis E in rural Bangladesh, we sought to test the validity and utility of local terms tested and validated elsewhere in the country, to detect clinical signs of icterus in this population.
The increase in the rate of icterus, however, is disturbing, and might be explained by fact that the induction group delivered more than a week earlier, or by increased attention to that outcome in the induction group, he said.
We used 20 bioclimatic variables (Table 1), here referred to as 'climate layers,' to describe the environmental niches of the focal taxa, Icterus spurius spurius and I.
In natural theileria infections, parasites invade to lymphoid cells and at a later stage of infection invade to the erythrocytes and the infection causes fever, anemia and icterus and also it can be caused to dead [10].
Effects of dietary calcium on atherosclerosis, aortic calcification, and icterus in rabbits fed a supplemental cholesterol diet.
Acute symptomatic viral hepatitis can be divided into three phases: the prodromal or preicteric period, the icterus period, and the convalescent period.
Some newborns who were not exposed to intrauterine chemotherapy experienced congenital malformation and icterus, whereas those who were exposed to intrauterine chemotherapy experienced rectal atresia, hyperbilirubinemia, hypoglycemia, and permanent foramen ovale.
Bilirubin standard dissolved in dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) representing bilirubin were spiked for icterus studies and 10% intralipid for lipaemia studies.