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He added that decisions about management should be made with consideration of the characteristic and preference of the patient, keeping in mind that prior cesarean section and other conditions can preclude induction, and also keeping in mind that icterus is a potential concern.
Symptom, sign or test Visit number result Baseline 1 2 3 Impaired biliary excretion Dark urine (a), count (%) Silymarin 50(91) 34(62) 30(59) 27(52) Placebo Jaundice (a), 38(76) 24(57) 14(33) 13(30) count (%) Silymarin 40(73) 40(73) 30(59) 33(64) Placebo 31(62) 23(54) 21(49) 19(44) Scleral icterus, count (%) Silymarin 54(98) 53(96) 44(86) 43(83) Placebo 44(88) 39(91) 37(86) 33(77) Clay-colored stool (a), count (%) Silymarin 23(42) 15(27) 8(16) 7(14) Placebo 16(32) 10(23) 7(16) 5(12) Direct bilirubin >0.
Physical examination was remarkable for scleral icterus but was otherwise normal.
An elderly man from central Virginia (patient 2) who was related to patient 1 was admitted to a hospital, 1 week after patient 1 was hospitalized, with nausea, vomiting, chills, difficulty breathing, weakness, abdominal and chest pain, and icterus.
Effects of dietary calcium on atherosclerosis, aortic calcification, and icterus in rabbits fed a supplemental cholesterol diet.
This excluded the possibility of interference due to icterus.
Some newborns who were not exposed to intrauterine chemotherapy experienced congenital malformation and icterus, whereas those who were exposed to intrauterine chemotherapy experienced rectal atresia, hyperbili-rubinemia, hypoglycemia, and permanent foramen ovale.
Alternative tools found in the LIS would be the cancelled-orders log or a query configured to capture hemolysis, icterus, and lipemia flags from the analyzers.
On examination, he was febrile, tachycardic, had mild scleral icterus, dry mucosa, no lymphadenopathy, clear lungs, a flow murmur, benign abdomen, normal neurologic examination, and no costovertebral angle or spine tenderness.