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Theorem 2 Suppose (1) there exists an ideal fluid (2) the ideal fluid is irrotational and barotropic, (3) the density [rho] is homogeneous, that is [partial derivative][rho]/[partial derivative]x = [partial derivative][rho]/[partial derivative]y = [partial derivative][rho]/ [partial derivative]z = [partial derivative][rho]/[partial derivative]t = 0, (4) there are no external body forces exerted on the fluid, (5)the fluid is unbounded and the velocity of the fluid at the infinity is approaching to zero.
For 193nm immersion, water has been identified as the most ideal fluid.
Hextend may be an ideal fluid for use in replacing lost blood volume, as its physiologically balanced electrolyte composition is designed to more closely reflect that of blood plasma than some of the older solutions used to treat blood loss during surgery," said Dr.
His topics include flow of ideal fluids, waves and instabilities in fluids, convective heat transfer, aerofoils in low-speed incompressible flow, and self-similar methods in compressible gas flow and intermediate asymptotics.
Ideal fluids for use in the resuscitation of TBI patients include (choose one): A.