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Suppose the velocity field u of an ideal fluid is irrotational, then we have [16,54-59],
Manley concluded that these results suggest that small volume resuscitation with Hemopure may provide an ideal fluid for rapid and early cerebral resuscitation, particularly in the pre-hospital setting, and may provide temporary oxygen-carrying support, or an "oxygen bridge," during transport and initial hospital management of trauma patients.
The researchers used computers to solve the equations of motion of an egg-shaped body navigating through a hypothetical ideal fluid that couldn't cling to the egg or force it to rotate.
It is an ideal fluid for thermometers and is still commonly used for the purpose today.
The Ideal fluid therapy when exercising in the heat includes:
The ideal fluid carefully balances viscosity, lubricity, compatibility, wear protection, rust inhibition, foaming resistance, and temperature-range characteristics.
Thus, in rectangular coordinates, equation (3) becomes as Boundary Condition of Aerofoil: For an ideal fluid flow, the boundary condition is Where is the outward drawn unit normal to the surface of the symmetric aerofoil.