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SouthernLINC Wireless vice president of sales Rodney Johnson reported, "Southern Company's electric utilities have more than 32,000 devices deployed on our iDEN network using PTT, cell, text, wireless and fixed data services.
Iden said he expects that the upgrades will take about five weeks each, and said the entire project should be finished by late spring.
Motorola has been a proud partner with Sprint in delivering the industry's best PTT service for more than 17 years," said Mike Fox, general manager, iDEN Products and Solutions, Motorola Solutions.
Sprint announced in September 2008 that it will keep the iDEN network despite the drag it had made on the carrier's business.
This is a strong commitment to iDEN technology by both Motorola and NII Holdings," said Alan Strauss, vice-president and chief technology officer, NII Holdings.
The MC-Series iDEN base stations leverage the development experience from RadioFrame's distributed radio network product platform.
Motorola continues to develop and support our iDEN technology as a feature rich high quality solution for our customers," says Gene Delaney, executive vice president, Product & Business Operations, Motorola Solutions.
Many of our international customers have been asking for a small inexpensive iDEN base station that will allow them to cover less densely populated or remote areas where the return on traditional equipment investment is not acceptable," said RadioFrame Networks CEO, Jeff Brown.
The iDEN Harmony Wireless Communication System combines the best features of two-way radio, cellular telephone, packet data and paging into a single integrated system.
The OPM basestation is designed to meet the needs of iDEN operators who are building coverage and capacity in their systems while maintaining low cost deployments and operations.
Our iDEN customers want instant, sub-second, reliable connections, and we are committed to continue offering this unique experience to them," said Rick Gadd, vice president, Motorola Mobile Devices.
PCTEL to Showcase its new iDEN Scanning Receiver at CTIA Wireless 2007