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After details arekeyed into the system, unique identifiers for all learners are produced.
In December of 2014, Senators Grassley and Warren wrote to CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner to express support for the inclusion of unique device identifiers (UDIs) in claims forms and press CMS to work with other stakeholders to realize the benefits of a UDI system.
ORCID allows researchers to take advantage of its unique identifiers and allows institutions to assist their members with profile upkeep.
On the jobsite, the contractor downloads label identifiers from LinkWare Live to their smartphone via the Brother LabelLink app then transfers database with identifiers directly to Brother P-touch EDGE[R] PT-E550W industrial labeling tool to create and print high-quality laminated labels.
Paskin (2002) in his study pointed out some advantages of using these identifiers as increasing referrals and reducing the time to manage them to be saved, retrieving and distributing objects with identity in the digital space, persistency of access and enrichment of metadata.
In an IP based ad hoc networks a transmitted packet contains different identifiers.
The lack of standardized and universally used identifiers for the life of a mortgage loan has an impact on loan documentation, consumers, and the processing and analysis of loan data.
The use of a unique identifier will allow medical practices to make greater use of automation in claims processing, according to the proposed rule, in turn saving time and money.
The EFF is concerned that these unique identifiers could be used to track consumer's online activity, but Tien did find some encouraging findings in the study, too.
The SEC already uses the term "participant identifier" in conjunction with its Dodd-Frank swaps rules, while the CFTC refers to a "unique counterparty identifier.
Both of these mission critical business practices rely heavily on the presence of a visual, numeric identifier on ID cards.
Radio Frequency Identifiers and Migratory Efficiency