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Hence, the sense 'to be obvious' conveyed by the idiomatic phrase to be written all over somebody's FACE may be conjectured to be semantically related to the sense A of face that pertains to the part of head.
The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll," Dylan's greatest protest song, provides another example of ironical play involving two idiomatic phrases, this time not related as opposites (like easy to catch and hard to hold) but as phrases that sound alike because they make use of some of the same words.
Yamamoto, mentioning that some Sentence-Idioms have the tendency of some part dislocating itself as an independent idiomatic phrase from the whole structure, gives the instance which may suggest the process of Verb-Idioms being formed out of Sentence-Idioms.
The idiomatic phrase en pain de pere et mere signified that a child was still under parental authority.
Hockett also maintains that an idiomatic phrase should be any expression of variable reference, without a fixed meaning in all situations (here he mentions anaphor one, numerals, deictic demonstratives this, that, proper names and personal pronouns.
She argues that the main reasons why writers tend to produce modifications in the structure of idiomatic phrases they use in newspaper headlines are: adaptation to a specific context; creation of a humorous effect; highlighting the producer's intelligence; creation of increased attention; condensation of a complex message; economical triggering of complex associative networks.
The Idiomatic Phrases campaign--an ingenious way to advertise training courses and simultaneously stimulate the minds of the target audience, ran from June 2013 to May 2014.
One of the techniques Stugard-Hogan incorporates into her teaching that sets her apart is her use of both music and kinesthetic activities with her students to help them remember grammar, verb conjugations or idiomatic phrases.
20) Idiomatic Phrases Answer Key: 1) E, 2) G, 3) B, 4) D, 5) E 6)A, 7) C, 8) H, 9) I, 10) J, 11) K, 12) L, 13) M, 14) N, 15) O
An English language instructor, Dolgopolov distinguishes between pairs of similar idiomatic phrases that learners and new speakers might mix up.
But this year's exam took her by surprise, requiring tough translations and idiomatic phrases not taught in class.