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The very convention of using idioms in written discourse, the context in which they can be used, and their frequency of use may be different in the source and target languages" (p.
Widespread idioms in Europe and beyond; toward a lexicon of common figurative units.
From 1961 to 1968 she achieved notoriety working in a wide variety of media and developing the basic idioms that have characterized her art to this day.
How social networks were created - and who was excluded from them - need to be examined alongside the idioms through which affiliation was expressed, in the face of complex and changing structures of power with which people were engaged.
In addition, Oki has developed and incorporated new technology to this site -- the specialized terminology extraction function -- which uses statistical methods to automatically detect any terms and idioms in documents that should be registered to dictionaries, such as specialized terminology.
He defines and classifies idioms and explains their characterization, frequency and register, then works through a system of comprehension, describing processing and factors that affect comprehension.
In this position, Kolish will work closely with the Idiom's sales force to establish and build a highly responsive globalization services business unit chartered with providing value consulting, implementation and support services to Idioms partners and customers.
Idioms and collocations; corpus-based linguistic and lexicographic studies.
IDIoMS is an agent-based system that intelligently supports the sharing, management, search, and production of information in a multiple platform environment.
UCSC Extension's Communications and Intercultural Studies department presents two new workshops, Idioms in American English: Understanding and Using Idioms Appropriately, beginning Thursday, Oct.
The One and Only Sam: A Story Explaining Idioms for Children with Asperger Syndrome and Other Communication Difficulties" is book designed to help children with communication challenges such as Asperger's Syndrome understand common English idioms,; how they are used and what they really mean.