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He described his love of Brockholes and Berry Brow and how he enjoyed the idiosyncracies of those getting on at the stops.
We know that women really respond well to the humour of the designs and identify with the idiosyncracies featured across the range.
Alexander also wrestles with his destiny, yet Farrell seems unable to capture any of the nuances and idiosyncracies required of such a character.
Lamphere is just one of dozens of local Guard members who have been invited to stop by the local clinic to get an initial physical and familiarize themselves with the bureaucratic idiosyncracies of the VHA.
It was his idiosyncracies that endeared him most to the crowd and he was a real favourite.
And so it is apt that, over the next five weeks, the Goodison chief has an opportunity to take advantage of one of American sports' favourite idiosyncracies - the time-out.
All operating asset securitizations have their own idiosyncracies, some of which can drive up costs.
Maybe they must stay in New York City due to the idiosyncracies of their small, trade-oriented staff.
We all have our little idiosyncracies," Buckley says.
There's probably not another person who knows more about the idiosyncracies of state finance than John," says Steve Robinson, executive director of the Texas Youth Commission (TYC).
A related question which this book raises is whether it is possible for a work to be, for all intents and purposes, culturally irrelevant; whether a work like Shakespeare's Sonnets, for example, might - with its personal idiosyncracies and intensive formal play - be better understood through other interpretative languages.
Whether by design or accident, Sierra's site-specific works m Mexico City have ended up addressing the idiosyncracies of local attitudes toward public art.