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IGNORAMUS, practice. We are ignorant. This word, which in law means we are uninformed, is written on a bill by a grand jury, when they find that there is not sufficient evidence to authorize their finding it a true bill. Sometimes, instead of using this word, the grand jury endorse on the bill, "Not found." 4 Bl. Com. 305. Vide Grand Jury.

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Harry was the pompous idiot Neddie Seagoon, Sellers played Bluebottle and Major Bloodknock and Milligan took on the role of the absurd ignoramus Eccles .
Your average peasant was not a subservient ignoramus at all.
He's an ignoramus, trying to better himself and trying to chat up this beautiful countess that he fancies.
The lady's name is Sarah, not Fergie, you ignoramus.
Watching that, even a rugby ignoramus like me could see the point of this perplexing sport.
So being a lawn tennis ignoramus I'm a bit confused at all this furore over Greg Rusedski (right) and his swearing outburst.
By Saturday we'll be suffering the torture of a new female ignoramus to rival the dreadfulness of demented banshee screamer Tania, non-stop talker Nush and street urchin look-alike Steph.
This may be a bitter reaction to my being turned down to Oxford when an ignoramus such as yourself is given the greater honour of being asked to address the Union.
I KNOW England are hopeless and Australia are great and all that, but even a cricketing ignoramus like me knows that odds of 11-8 about Nasser's boys winning at least one Ashes Test match this winter are too long.
You were particularly scathing about ginger toff Tim, who you subtly called a pompous ignoramus with a face like a blowfish and winner Kate, who you say is a dodgy-toothed airhead who begins every sentence with "I've got this mate, right.
When the critics call Obama an ignoramus for singing the deal, they will be calling the governments of Britain, France and Germany ignoramuses as well.