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As Chavez consolidates his power on the Venezuelan social, economic, and political structures, as the opposition is relegated to a secondary and precarious role in the political arena, and as illiberal democracy solidifies in Venezuela, the international community must reassess its attitude toward the Chavez government.
Zakaria, "The Rise of Illiberal Democracy," Foreign Affairs 76 (December 1997): 22-43.
2) Fareed Zakharia, "The Rise of Illiberal Democracy," Foreign Affairs 76, no.
Democracies contain risks that a malevolent party or candidate could come to power, but a preemptive strategy, like the one in Algeria in 1991 or Zakaria's proposal that countries remain dictatorships while the middle class and civil society grows, is much more likely to lead to human rights violations and less development than an illiberal democracy.
This strikes me as a very tenuous argument for illiberal democracy.
Fareed Zakaria, "The Rise of Illiberal Democracy," Foreign Affairs, 76 (November-December 1997), 22-43.
Fake elections to fake parliaments have become so routine across the region that political scientists have stumbled over one another to create the appropriate descriptive categories - competitive authoritarianism, semi-democracy, illiberal democracy.
His latest book is The Future of Freedom: Illiberal Democracy at Home and Abroad.
They argue that although the current political system in Russia is an illiberal democracy and that its limitations are not caused or reinforced by popular attitudes toward democracy.
An illiberal democracy has all the trappings of democratic society, but the people have no real power because they are unable to exercise their democratic rights for one reason or another.
But in the end, we have an illiberal democracy, an authoritarian regime, crony capitalism and so on.
Wednesday's events suggest that Egyptians continue to face this choice, between military dictatorship and an illiberal democracy.