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The road-projected illuminations effectively warn others about the vehicle's movements and actions even in bad weather.
The 2015 Sunderland Illuminations kicked off at Roker and Seaburn on Saturday with a thrilling laser display and entertainment.
Blackpool Illuminations The capital of entertainment 3 days from PS159.
00 Blackpool Illuminations Breaks Departs 6 & 20 October 2014 Visit Blackpool at its sparkling best during the world famous Illuminations time.
THE ILLUMINATIONS How excited we kids were, when finally the time arrived For our annual trip to Blackpool to see the Illuminations Five o'clock on the dot the 'charra' arrives at 'Fonnie-oy' It's dead posh, the seats are red velvet We're waved off by the neighbours after Our names are ticked off one by one By our harassed organiser, who swears This is her last trip, 'I'm too auld for this palaver'
There were 8 specific cases involved in every trial relating to each combination of two different ball velocities, two directions (for forehand and backhand strokes), and two different illuminations.
BLACKPOOL ILLUMINATIONS TWO DAYS DEPARTING OCTOBER 10, PRICE FROM pounds 75 WE invite you to join us as we travel to the country's best known and most famous seaside resort.
THE lights have gone out on fading hopes that Walsall's famous illuminations will be saved.
Blackpool Illuminations are the town's glittering jewel in the crown, and this year they will be bigger and better than ever before, with a host of new attractions.
Enthusiastically recommended for personal, synagogue, academic, and community library collections, Hebrew Illuminations showcases the Judaic symbolism and themes of Rhine's art as it had originally appeared in calendars, greeting cards, magazine covers--and even on chocolate candy
when combined with Nikon's TE2000 inverted microscope, the W-TIRF Illuminations system can provide a 30-fold increase in the signal to noise ratio and allow for a 160 degree potential cone of sample illumination.
Transcendtal Illuminations avoides dogma in its quest for Truth unfettered by the limitations of philosophy, science, or theology.