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The company will also be responsible for offering pre-construction as well as construction services to Illumina.
28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- BNBuilders is pleased to announce that it will commence construction on the Illumina manufacturing expansion in San Diego.
Planned introduction of the Illumina HiSeq 2000 service during 2010
Verinata Health and Illumina also agreed to collaborate toward gaining regulatory approval for the testing service.
This month, Illumina requested that the US Patent and Trademark Office reexamine and invalidate the five patents that are the subject of this suit.
Illumina CSPro is the collaborative service provider partnership dedicated to ensuring the delivery of the highest-quality data available for genetic analysis applications.
Illumina asked the Office to examine Affymetrix's patent in October of 2005.
Nexus CGH can easily handle large projects including those with thousands of Illumina high-density arrays.
Pro-forma ownership of the company is expected to be 79% Illumina and 21% Solexa.
Senior Product Manager, Platforms at Illumina commented, "We are very happy to welcome GenoLogics as a new IlluminaConnect partner, and we look forward to working with them to develop integrations to our technology platforms for genotyping and gene expression applications.
San Diego, CA 12/5/02 -- Illumina has announced that Applied Biosystems (ABI) filed suit against the company alleging infringement of patents related to ABI's oligo ligation assay and that Illumina breached the companies' 1999 joint development agreement.
The summary judgment ruling did not address a number of additional patent claims being asserted by Illumina against Complete Genomics that were not the subject of the validity motion.