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Whereas the composition of Bouquet I, 2002, followed the color and ornamentation of a nineteenth-century Oriental rug that de Rijke/ de Rooij used in Point of Departure, 2002, for a filmic excursion into the perception of the "exotic" and the historical genre of the Dutch still life, Bouquet II, 2003, deployed an illustrated newspaper article to invoke the controversy over the 2002 Miss World contest in Nigeria and the violent riots linked to Muslim criticisms of the beauty pageant.
The first was Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, founded by an Englishman in 1855, followed by Harper's Weekly in 1857.
A final set of papers explores representations of poverty and includes examinations of the symbolism of the clothing of the poor, images of the poor in Punch magazine, an 1890 illustrated newspaper series on "The Homes of the Glasgow Poor," perceptions of rural poverty in photography from inter-war Germany, and poverty and crime in silent fiction films.
Slavery on Trial closes with an analysis of the depiction of John Brown's trial in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper.
It was Coventry's only illustrated newspaper and gives a fascinating insight into the history of the city.
Their examples go back almost three centuries and include many classics: Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper on "swill milk" killing schoolchildren (1858), Nellie Bly on a New York City "madhouse" (1887), Ida Tarbell on Standard Oil (1905), Seymour Hersh on My Lai (1969), and Woodward and Bernstein on Watergate (1972).
Frank Leslie, who succeeded her husband, the founder of Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, was the wildest.
He wrote a series of articles for Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper later published as Social Problems (1883), and made two tours to Great Britain.