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Although not proposing true fusion, the Flir Systems M32-C clip-on thermal imager allows the user to integrate the ability to see through total darkness -including fog, smoke, dust and most obscurants - onto standard image intensification devices.
This is replaced by an image intensification camera fusing both the NV and IR imagery and which is fitted into an Advanced Combat Helmet and then displayed on the soldier's monocular display.
However, image intensification requires that there be sufficient light to intensify, which makes it ineffective in an Afghan cave.
Britain is also seeking from the US access to its latest Image Intensification systems.
While most submarine designs feature a pair of periscopes--allowing thermal imaging from one and image intensification from the other--the Swedish boats only have one incorporating a second generation longwave (eight to twelve [mu]) thermal imager and a Thales Super Gen 2 intensifier.
ITT Industries Night Vision of Roanoke, VA, and Raytheon Company, Dallas, TX, have announced a strategic teaming agreement by which the two leaders in image intensification and thermal imaging technologies will develop and produce night vision sensor fusion technology.
The Spiral Enhanced Night Vision Goggle (SENVG) optically overlays thermal infrared imagery and image intensification to enhance soldiers' situational awareness.
Improved forms of image intensification and thermal imaging have been developed, a trend which is likely to continue.