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We examine the effects of imitability, country diversity and geographic scope that generally have a negative connotation, and we argue that their effects have a curvilinear shape, i.
These competencies should follow the criteria of difficult imitability, providing actual benefits to customers, providing access to different markets, and fostering an environment of fast learning that must be put to work before the competitors do it.
Effects of age of entry, knowledge intensity, and imitability on international growth.
This position is supported by Teece (1998: 77), who observed that among factors that facilitate wealth creation at the dawn of the new millennium is "an apparent need to focus on developing a deeper understanding of imitability and replicability issues with respect to intangibles and the role of markets in undermining traditional forms of competitive advantage".
In resource-based theory, most studies confirm that those companies who possess resources that are rare, unique, imitability beat their competitors in various performance indicators.
Specific qualities of knowledge (its low imitability and its context specificity) and its relevance for innovation are usually stated as reasons for its importance (Leonard-Barton, 1995; Leonard and Sensisper, 1998; Nonaka, 1994; Teece, 1998; Zack, 1999a).
2000) `Effects of Age at Entry, Knowledge Intensity, and Imitability on International Growth', The Academy of Management Journal, 43:5,909-924.
Paul perpetuated a Semitic stress up on divine transcendence (tanzih) and, thus, upon the uncomplicated humanity and consequent imitability of the Prophet.
The exposition of Scotus's refutation of divine illumination as the source of true knowledge could have further accentuated the originality of his doctrine of divine ideas: instead of being relations of imitability in the divine essence, they are in fact the creatures themselves qua eternally known to God as possibilities.
The importance of isolating mechanisms to earn rents Rumelt (1987), Summary article on imitability barriers Dierickx (e.
When such conditions of uncertain imitability prevail, imitative attempts by competitors fail, providing a competitive advantage to the focal firm [14].
Thus, the resource-based perspective leads inevitably to a focus on imitability of non-purchasable, intangible, firm-specific, and embedded types of resources[8].