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THEATRE Havfrue Taking inspiration from the classic Hans Christian Andersen fairytale, The Little Mermaid - originally Den Lille Havfrue - this dance production follows a young mermaid through love and self-sacrifice in the quest for an immortal soul.
Nonetheless, if a baby is born under a full moon with wolves howling in the night, fiery red eyes and a skull-and-crossbones birthmark on its forehead, this may not be the person you want holding your immortal soul in the future.
With the dream and the immortal soul of those who 206 years ago left us signed and sealed the eternal destiny of Venezuela, which is none other than absolute Independence, rebellious Sovereignty, anti-imperialism and military civic union.
Galvin is good, albeit reduced to a state of near-constant exasperation, but it's Plimpton who stands out most as the blue-collar mom--someone who has to rather abruptly pivot from worrying about her son engaging in premarital sex to, in her eyes, the state of his immortal soul.
I have news for Paul, the Jehovah's Witnesses, like atheists, argue against the existence of an immortal soul.
We gradually got domesticated, more or less, but then I got an immortal soul and pretty much shut her out.
God has given an immortal soul to every man and woman, but not to any other animal or machine.
As for the soul's relation to the body, the period's inconsistent terminology (spiritus, anima, animus, ratio) further obscures what is rational soul, what is generated by the body, what is condensed from air, what is super-rational, whether we inherit the immortal soul or God infuses it, and so forth.
Judaism has been used to imagine the pan of the world that is materialistic, fleshy, the enemy of our immortal soul.
Some scholars link this phrase with the belief that the immortal soul undergoes a series of incarnations that James relates to what the tongue has said.
The 8000 warriors and horses - all in battle formation - were created 300 years before Christ was born, with the purpose of guarding the emperor's immortal soul.
All of this, of course, is tied to the doctrine of the resurrection of the body, which is the Christian response and alternative to the old Greek idea of the immortal soul, an idea that Christianity does not teach, no matter what you sometimes hear at Christian funerals.