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The data after 6 months of immunosuppressive therapy were available in 60 PLA2R-associated and 6 non-PLA2R-associated patients.
Women with IBD on immunosuppressive therapy should undergo annual cervical cancer screening.
17) and highest in patients with a history of immunosuppressive therapy (0.
Patients who had had consultations with a pulmonary medicine or infectious disease specialist and who were suspected of having developed HAP according to the above criteria while receiving immunosuppressive therapy were included in this study.
A diagnosis of GCM was thus rendered and no immunosuppressive therapy was instituted because her heart was not expected to recover and infection was a concern with the BiVAD in place.
The costs associated with the pancreas transplant operation, pre and posttransplant care and immunosuppressive therapy are covered in whole or part by many government and private insurance programs.
SangStat recently enrolled the first patient in the TRIMS study, its prospective, randomized, multi-center, open-label Phase II study of Thymoglobulin induction therapy without chronic CS compared to standard triple immunosuppressive therapy including CS (and with no induction) in patients undergoing living donor kidney transplants.
Current treatment options for aplastic anemia are allogeneic stem cell transplant or immunosuppressive therapy.
We assessed the effects of immunosuppressive therapy in Chinese AIH patients with cirrhosis from a tertiary hospital.
The deal includes the acquisition of Cylex's core product, ImmuKnow, a noninvasive biomarker ofimmune function that assesses cellular immune status by detecting cell-mediated immunity (CMI) in populations undergoing immunosuppressive therapy for an organ transplant.
Citation: "Optimization of Immunosuppressive Therapy for Spinal Grafting of Human Spinal Stem Cells in a Rat Model of ALS;" Hefferan, M.