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It is worth noting here Karl Schafer's (2013) argument that desires should be understood as quasi-perceivings with a normative property (ought-to-be-done, in this case) as their formal object, precisely because they present their content in an imperatival mood.
Thomas considers the application of the commandments to everyday life; imperatival series of negative and positive commandments (critical attention being devoted especially to the Colossian Haustafel); and the stated reasons given for these imperatives.
22) In its categorically imperatival form, autonomy of the will is the command "to act only so that the will could regard itself as at the same time giving universal law through its maxim.
This effect can be explained as the result of a proportional analogy: in the 2nd singular of the thematic conjugation, there was a form with illocutionary imperatival function that had a zero personal ending (cf.
Such is the imperatival logic of the authoritative instance of the Other, whose ultimate reply is a nonsensical one: either blank silence, or the admonition "Because you must.