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The Seminars are led by leading OEMs, industry experts and top innovators delivering practical presentations and implementable solutions to daily challenges.
The Investment Dar and the co-ordinating committee said they looked forward to working together to develop and implement a consensual restructuring plan that is fair, acceptable and legally implementable and in the best interests of all TID's stakeholders.
The Deputy Head of the OSCE Centre in Bishkek, Lilian Darii, stated that "the process which is being witnessed right now reflects the desire to return the country to a state of supremacy of the law and for this reason the constitution must be, among others, implementable and sustainable.
An allocation is implementable (under truthful representation) if there is a Nash equilibrium of the induced withdrawal game in which all impatient agents withdraw early and all patient agents wait until the investment matures.
He added that it is important that the draft committee take enough time so that the government's program is viable and implementable.
I greatly enjoyed reading and reviewing the book, and found particular value in the great, easily implementable activities.
The SWAPO party will therefore, without failure, transform our strategies into practical and implementable projects and programmes to accelerate economic growth, to consolidate service delivery and to improve the living standards of all Namibians," Pohamba said.
Strategies to help reduce fuel costs range from easily implementable, short-term solutions to long-term ones that involve better planning and land use decisions.
The structures that we were looking at 18months, two years, ago are simply not implementable.
In doing our work, we learned that the National Cooperative Freight Research Program (NCFRP) is currently conducting a comprehensive research project to identify low-cost and quickly implementable approaches to address freight mobility constraints.
Our approach will be to listen, to understand, to strategize and then to develop implementable solutions for the many real estate and infrastructure issues that confront our clients," says Doherty.
Self-assessment appeared to be a relatively low cost and easily implementable strategy for promoting behaviour change in a place that people with HIV regularly attend.