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6) Ley 26 de 1957 mediante la cual se establecio un sistema de credito subvencionado para cultivos importables.
Therefore, the effect of domestic economic policies on the balance of payments can be studied in an analytic framework that treats exportables and importables as a single aggregate of internationally traded goods.
1]) on the exportable imposed by the CIA constraint is higher than that on the importables ([[phi].
Rather than focusing on the price of importables relative to exportables, Sjaastad [1980] Sjaastad and Clements [1981] and Clements and Sjaastad [1984] introduced the concept of taking the nontraded good as the numeraire to analyze the degree to which trade policies favor the export sector or the import sector relative to the nontraded good sector.
Within the agricultural sector, direct policies tended to tax exportables, protect importables, and partially compensate for indirect discrimination through input subsidies.
are the weights of importable goods in the countries' overall price indices.
pL] is the generalized Rybczynski term for importables with respect to labor.
Let us then consider the scenario emerging after just 12 months from now when the highest rate of tariff will be brought down to 35%, meaning all types of finished good will be importable at the maximum rate of 35%, or less.
ij] represents how the output of importables of good i responds to changes in the domestic price of good j.
Importables are more capital intensive than exportables and the margin has widened over the period.
Terms of trade can be represented by the relationship of the external relative price of exportables to importables.
The imposition of the tariff raises the real wage of the factor used intensively in the production of importables, and lowers the real wage of the other factor, both relatively and absolutely.