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A washdown-compatible imprinter is available for inline printing of barcodes and date codes.
A powder-coated metal stand for holding the LX-Series inkjet printer and the FX400 imprinter is also included.
An imprinter is an easy and inexpensive way to collect information on-site.
The attendant would then take your cash or credit card, note the fuel charge displayed on the pump, and process your payment using the cash box or a credit card imprinter.
The i1420 and i1440 feature a document imprinter option that prints tracking information directly onto documents as they are scanned.
All hand-issued (manual) documents are validated by hand in a machine that looks very similar to a credit card imprinter.
With the Model 610 Plastic Card Embosser, Quality Blank PVC cards, and the Model 2000 Electric Imprinter, Addressograph creates an affordable resident ID system for the long-term care market.
Jaren drummed up business by posting and handing out flyers and attending events such as the Berkley Community Reunion, the Campostella Community Reunion, and the Imprinter Sportswear Show in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Make sure the amounts on manual checks are protected with a check imprinter.
Dalemark has upgraded its Model 975-F Flat Carton Imprinter.
ticket imprinter A machine that is used to validate manual ARC ticket documents and designed to make clear impressions, precisely placed in appropriate sections of the ticket.
An optional imprinter for full-color, on-the-fly plate changes will support split editions and product targeting.