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And, if you get the impression that Holtzman, Adams, Perkins, and the Infinity team are not averse to improvizing a little as they develop the next generation of targeted therapies for cancer and related diseases, you may very well be correct, but their improvization is extremely focused.
El Salvador illustrates the limitations of improvization and the challenge of vetting in a context of extreme instability.
Karen Kettnich looks at improvization in Brome's The Antipodes by making analogies with Beaumont's The Knight of the Burning Pestle, with which it played in repertory in 1636.
This narrative strategy illustrates the kind of culinary improvization that he argues is typical of Barbadian food and that he textually enacts.
See the function of improvization in Artaud's early thought, the work of John Cage and Allan Kaprow's happenings.
He had astonishingly precocious gifts for sight-reading and improvization.
Without reducing the Chartreuse in any way to a series of narrative riffs, Jefferson argues effectively for using Stendhal's improvization to account for most of the work's salient features, including its paradoxes, anomalies, and imponderables.
To be sure, such rules must be flexible enough to allow for tactical improvization during military operations, particularly when soldiers have to deal with guerrillas, terrorists, and civilians contemporaneously in complex urban theaters.
Talking Work: Argument, Common Knowledge and Improvization in Multi-disciplinary Child Development Teams.
There is a proven, explicit connection between the quality of architecture and what educationalists call 'the learning outcome', and the best educational buildings, as in the best education, successfully orchestrate a balance between overall discipline and particular event, between framework and improvization.
Wenders relies on poetic spontaneity and creative improvization for artistic inspiration.
Unlike Achilles, Agamemnon or Diomedes, all men who rely on their valour, courage and reputation to see them through, Odysseus deploys different means for different situations -- he is capable of gentleness, persuasion, silence, planning and improvization in different circumstances.